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GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) v4.00 Paid Apk


GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) v2.01 + Patcher Paid Apk is here!!

– **** Root and a writable/framework allotment are required! If you don’t mind read the depiction totally! Try not to attempt to utilize surveys for correspondence and bugreports – they will be overlooked **** –

GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver (intermediary), that is good with any known OpenGLES 2.0-perfect GPU + ARM or x86 processor. On the off chance that despite everything you don’t comprehend, what this application is, the nearest known simple is Chainfire3D.

Highlights list:

– Change determination and rendering bitness in any application, regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t bolster that naturally.

– Change GPU name and appreciate upgraded illustrations even on a noname low-end GPU.

– Take full control over surfaces: now you can decompress/recompress them (regardless of the possibility that your GPU doesn’t bolster that composition design) and resize. Note that decompression highlight is accessible just in the event that you’ll introduce a module (web is required)

– Optimize shaders on-the-fly for ideal execution (the same streamlining agent is utilized as a part of Unity3D motor as a matter of course)

– Enable MSAA or CSAA in any application to enhance design quality (ensure that your GPU bolsters that)

– Measure picked up execution with a pleasant onscreen FPS counter (or you can yield FPS data to Logcat in the event that you are an expert)

GLTools is 100% safe in the event that you have a custom recuperation introduced (and you didn’t incapacitate reinforcement in GLTools introduce exchange), on the off chance that you’ll see it non-working, you can simply streak uninstall_gltools.zip in recuperation and email me with subtle elements (or solicitation a discount).

Fizzled on:

– Nexus 6 @ Android 6.0.1

– Stock Nvidia Shield firmwares

– Some amusements neglect to take a shot at gadgets with Mail GPU even with GLTools empowered. Adreno is upheld much better.

Not working by configuration on:

– RemixOS.

– Non-established gadgets.

– Emulators of any sort.

Legitimate data:

By utilizing this application, you consent to all the accompanying terms:

Client is mindful to ensure that any modules he uses are legitimate to utilize. All surface modules (aside from Default) are composed by autonomous engineers and are set on an outsider webserver (aside from Default which is builtin), which has nothing to do with me, a GLTools creator, aside from that I give a straightforward in-application program to introduce them (as all we know, program makers have nothing to do with any harsh Internet content, the same thing here).

Client is dependable to ensure that this application won’t bring on any EULA infringement. GLTools is intended for investigating of applications that client is creator of, some other utilization is not formally bolstered. Anyway, this application changes framework libraries just and doesn’t bring about any parallel adjustment of outsider applications.

All trademark utilization is nominative, nominative use is Fair Use, it doesn’t require any consent from trademark holder. Any trademarks are the property of their proprietors at any rate.

In the event that you imagine that GLTools itself is unlawful, you can simply get in touch with me through [email protected]

This application is given “as may be” with no representations or guarantees, express or suggested. The main individual in charge of any conceivable harm created to the firmware (or other programming) introduced on a gadget is client.

By downloading this application you consent to every one of these terms.

Source code of utilized GNU Binutils (constructing agent, linker, and so on) and Busybox can be gotten by composing to [email protected]

Note :

  • Need ROOT + Modded GP or GLTools Patcher
  • If your device is not installed Modded GP or Freedom,use GLTools Patcher

How to Patch?

  1. Make sure you have installed GLTools
  2. Download & Install GLTools Patcher
  3. Open GLTools Patcher
  4. Click Patch & You are Done ?
  5. You can remove change after patching, to remove simply install the app again, app will be unpatched & after updating you have to patch again
  6. Good luck…

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GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) v4.00 Paid Apk




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